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Uses and Features:
-Holds 1/4 ounce of fuel at the engine for an instant start and a constant supply
-All-in-one fuel balancer, filter and tee
-Mounts to the outside surface of the motor box, inches from the carburetor inlet
-Smoothes out fuel demand and irregular fuel surges from extreme flight
-Eliminates two fuel line connections
-Replaceable automotive-style filter
-For use with gasoline engines only
-Size: 7/8" diameter; 2" length
-Weight: 14 grams

User review:
I recently bought a QuikFire unit from you and just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it. I was having trouble starting my 4 year-old DLE 30 engine, which took about 10-12 flips to fire on choke and 16-18 to get it going [off choke]. I had done a reed block modification about 2 years ago and didn't really want to tear it apart again so I tried your product. It worked great, 1-3 flips to fire on choke and 3-4 off choke and it's running. It also starts on the first or second flip after it has set for awhile.

What a difference your product made. Thanks folks.

-Richard D., Chief Master Sergeant of the US Air Force (retired)

Review Article: FlyingRC.net

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QuikFire - $24.95  +$7.00 shipping (+$3 each addt'l.)

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